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First Rohingya Australian Beauty Pageant Awarded by the Star Gazer Production 2020 Ceremony

Cox Gazette January 3, 2021, 04:29 PM First Rohingya Australian Beauty Pageant Awarded by the Star Gazer Production 2020 Ceremony

Pan Sandar Myint is a very first Rohingya Burmese Australian beauty pageant who has recently been awarded the most promising fashion model award for her strong advocacy of Rohingya Equal Human Rights by the Star Gazer Production at The Australian Modelling & Fashion Awards 2020 ceremony.

Pan said “It has been an unexpected sweet surprise for me in 2020. I never knew that I would be even nominated by the Australian Modelling & Fashion Awards 2020 for my advocacy. This all happened due to strong support from my Rohingya’s community who have given so much love and courage.”

Coming from the migration corporate industry, Pan has stepped into Pageantry, Modelling & Fashion industries not only to raise equal human rights voice for her Rohingya Community but also to stop Buddhist Burmese extremists’ discrimination on non-Buddhist Burmese. Since her childhood, she was discriminated as a “Kalar Ma” or “Bengali” from her school friends for being a “Rohingya Muslim”. In Rohingya, Hindi & Indo Aryan languages, “Kalar” means “Black” and “Ma” means “Female”. Even though her parents sent her to this top school known as Bishop school to seek the best education but she was struggling to revoke the majority who were not accepting her identity.

(Pan Myint sharing the Australian Fashion & Modelling Awards Magazine with Zara Bali)

Pan said,” From that moment,  I did realize that I was living in a country where a girl like me was treated as an “Alien” for having different physical features and cultural background. Therefore, I did learn to become adaptable from this severe hatred society to become stronger and resilient.”

Due to this incident, Pan did study hard to pursue tertiary abroad education to settle down in a country where all cultural backgrounds were treated fairly with respect. That’s how she had reached to Sydney in 2009. In my first day of college, all my Australian friends and teachers greeted me respectfully with my name. They didn’t mock at me when I introduced them as a Rohingya Burmese.

This led me to decide to settle down in Australia and bringing my family after a year. After a decade, I have never imagined that I will be presenting Australia as Ms World Australia Universal National Finalist for 2021. I am advocating of equal human rights of my Rohingya people in this beauty pageantry platform. I do strongly courage my humanitarian faith to bring a change for my Rohingya community for equal human rights in the world. Lastly, I have left a legacy by breaking the Burmese’s taboo of “Rohingya being a not good-looking community” with my stepping zone into Beauty Pageantry, Fashion and Modelling world. And I am not a “Bengali” or “Kalar Ma”.

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