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People are happy to receive YPSA-SS support during the CORONA pandemic situation

Cox Gazette May 23, 2021, 01:02 PM People are happy to receive YPSA-SS support during the CORONA pandemic situation

YPSA is implementing a project namely COVID-19 Affected Rohingya and Host Communities Response Project in Cox’s Bazar; Bangladesh under the support of Solider Suisse. Coronavirus, has changed people’s way of life with so many negative impacts especially the lives and livelihoods with other relevant areas as well. Poor and ultra-poor are suffering much because their income source has been stopped. Some people are compelled to sell their productive assets only to buy food. Some people’s productive assets become unworkable. For the safety and prevention of COVID-19, there are some restrictions on public movement. This restriction is positively helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus. For this entire connection, poor people are in so many difficulties even with managing their everyday 3 time meals indeed.

To provide financial support to the poor and ultra-poor families in the host communities especially, YPSA and Solider Suisse have taken the project for the three Wards (5, 6, 7) of Rajapalong Union of Ukhiya Upazila, Cox's Bazar. In these three Wards, two category supports were selected. Conditional Cash Transfer-CCT and Unconditional Cash Transfer-UCCT respectively. Unconditional cash support for the ultra-poor (elderly, widowed, sick, disable, extremely poor etc) and conditional cash support for poor people who lost their productive assets due to COVID-19 especially. YPSA selected 1000 families for conditional support and 1170 for unconditional support.

During pandemic situations YPSA distributes cash support through bKash to the selected beneficiaries. In Ward no 5, respected Union Parishad Member Mr. Sarwar Kamal distributed the support among selected people on 23 May 2021 at Bottolly. He expressed thanks to YPSA and Solidar Suisse for undertaking beneficial and public interest projects. In this pandemic situation this monetary support has immensely impacted/contributed to meeting up the urgent family needs for UCCT beneficiaries as well as restoring the productive assets for household IGA for CCT beneficiaries. Still there are many poor needy families who are excluded from this support due to limitation of the target as per project plan. So, the number of families as well as the area is highly recommended to consider for greater and better interest of the affected people of this area.

Selina Akter who received 3500 taka under UCCT became very happy to receive the money. She said, with the money she will buy medicine for herself and will buy improved food for her family.

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