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Seven more Bangladeshis die of COVID-19 in US

Cox Gazette | Online Desk April 18, 2020, 09:58 AM Seven more Bangladeshis die of COVID-19 in US

Seven more Bangladeshis, including a physician, died in the United States from coronavirus infections taking the number of total deaths of Bangladeshis to 134 on 14 April.

Among the deceased, three were physicians.

The Bangladeshis who died on 14 April are physician Shamim Al Mamun, a psychiatrist of Brooklyn hospital, Sharif Ahmed, Enam Uddin, Bina Majumder, M Rahman Mukta, Rana Begum and an unidentified woman.

Shamim Al Mamun, a doctor at North Shore Hospital on Long Island, was a student of Sylhet Medical College. The number of deaths in New York on 14 April was estimated at 3,778. The total death toll in the state has exceeded 10,000. As many as 7,905 people died in the five boroughs of the city alone.

City mayor Bill de Blasio said,  every death is painful.

Coronavirus is more prevalent among the backward populations of the city. The areas with Bangladeshi community, African American and Hispanic, have become known as the most risky, he added.

The mayor said, the authorities have taken initiatives to distribute leaflets in six different languages including Bangla in the city. He further said a facility is being set up to test coronavirus of 50,000 people a week in the city before May.

Coronavirus has spread to all states of the US. The number of infected and dead people is increasing in every state. However, the largest affected state in terms of infected and dead is New York.

According to the Worldometers data, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States so far 613,886 and the total death toll is 26,047.

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