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“I want to play roles that will be rejoiced even after decades” -Tisha

Cox Gazette September 2, 2020, 11:48 AM “I want to play roles that will be rejoiced even after decades” -Tisha

Nusrat Imrose Tisha has captivated the audience with her acclaimed performances in both films and television over the years. The actor has recently won the National Film Award for the second time, in the Best Actor in a Lead Role (Female) category for performance in Haldaa. In an interview with The Daily Star, Tisha talks about her upcoming projects, her ambitions, and a lot more.

You have just received the National Film Award for the second time. How are you feeling after the achievement?

For an artiste, any award works as an inspiration, and it is not just any award but the National Film Award we are talking about. I was very happy as this is the highest form of appreciation for any film artiste in the country.

How did you spend the rest of the day after returning home from the award-giving ceremony?

Upon reaching home, I handed the award over to my mother. The smile on her face was priceless! I believe that my mother deserves this award more than I do, as it is her love and support that has got me this far. Also, my husband, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, congratulated me over a video call. He has always been supportive and enjoys my success as much as I do.

Tell us a bit about your award-winning film ‘Haldaa’.

We had to face a lot of obstacles while shooting for this film. Outdoor shoots, and most importantly, having to deliver dialogues in the local dialect of Chattogram, was a challenge for me. However, I got to work with renowned filmmaker and actor Tauquir Ahmed, which was a privilege.  I would like to thank the whole team of Haldaa for their hard work. It was entirely a team effort.

What are your aspirations as an artiste?

I want to star in quality films and I hope to come across some good scripts soon. For me, the number of films I work in is never a concern. I want to play roles that will be rejoiced even after decades.

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