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Japan was hit by a super Typhoon, Korea is next inline

Cox Gazette | Online Desk September 7, 2020, 06:16 PM Japan was hit by a super Typhoon, Korea is next inline

In Japan, on the island of Kyushu, about 430 thousand homes were left without electricity after super Typhoon Haishen hit it.

The authorities ordered the evacuation of more than two hundred thousand people from coastal cities in advance. Factories, schools, shops, and businesses in Western prefectures of Japan have been closed. Hundreds of flights have been canceled, and rail services are suspended.

Russia’s Primorye and the Korean Peninsula are also preparing for the disaster.

Typhoon Haishen, which has been moving towards the southern Islands of Japan for several days, significantly strengthened on Sunday and reached the coast.

The head of the Japanese weather center, Yoshihisa Nakamoto, warned that Haishen had not lost its power.

“Record precipitation is expected. It can cause landslides or cause powerful flooding even on large rivers,” the meteorologist warned.

In low-lying areas, severe flooding can occur, especially in the estuaries of rivers.

Haishen is characterized as a super Typhoon; the wind speed in its center reaches 80 meters per second or almost 290 km per hour.

This is the second strong Typhoon to hit Japan in the past week.

A few days ago, Typhoon Maysak raged there, one of the strongest storms to hit the region in the past few years.

On Sunday, the Japanese government held an emergency meeting to decide how to deal with the effects of the disaster. Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed his fellow citizens: “To all citizens, especially those who live in areas where there is a high probability of tidal waves or river flooding: please keep a close eye on the information of your local authorities. And please act immediately in the interests of your safety.”

The Typhoon forced the Japanese coast guard to call off the search for missing sailors from a cargo ship that sank during the previous Typhoon Maysak. On the boat, The Gulf Livestock 1 were 43 crew members and 6 thousand cows. The ship disappeared on Wednesday. So far, only three people have been saved alive.

Because of Maysak in some regions of Japan, schools were closed, and trains stopped running. Hundreds of flights were canceled.

Haishen, although considered a super Typhoon, will be weaker. The Japanese meteorological agency did not declare the highest level of danger this time.

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