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Hurley shares coronavirus quarantine update

Cox Gazette April 3, 2020, 10:34 PM Hurley shares coronavirus quarantine update

English actor Elizabeth Hurley has been a busy bee while stuck in COVID-19 quarantine. She shared an update on her life since beginning self-isolation in her first post in over two weeks.

Her post on Instagram has a photo of her clutching a glass and wearing a dark-colored dress with light floral print. The 'Bedazzled' star captioned it as, "Day 11 of my family's lockdown in Herefordshire and I finally washed my hair, put on some make up and found time to post. In these scary times I feel incredibly lucky to live in the countryside and have lots of outside space." The 'Wonder Woman' actor revealed that she has an astonishing number of people staying with her at the moment.

"As well as my son, I have seven other people living with me including my 79-year-old mother and her sister- also in her late 70's- and one of my best friends who is in the highest risk group with severe respiratory problems," revealed Hurley. "Keeping everyone as safe as possible (and fed) is a full-time job." She continued: "We all are full of the highest admiration for our wonderful NHS staff and are doing everything we can to not add to their burden.

Thank God it's Sat night and we can r-e-l-a-x and take a break from being glued to the news." Hurley shared a message on Instagram a few weeks ago in which she urged her fans to stay safe and to stay indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak.

She wrote, "Why go out when you can stay in? Why buy new dresses if you can squeeze yourself into one you've had for 15 years?"Hurley was seen in a slim, black dress and elaborates silver earrings in the picture accompanying the post.

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