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Two-day Kite Festival ends in Cox’s Bazar

Cox Gazette April 7, 2020, 12:03 AM Two-day Kite Festival ends in Cox’s Bazar

A small step to reminiscence childhood memories for many who came, enjoyed the fullest

A two-day kite festival has ended at the longest sea beach in the world, in Cox’s Bazar.

The festival which ended on Saturday was enjoyed by a wide number of tourists, .

Like every year, the Bangladesh Kite Federation arranged the festival.

The slogan for this year’s festival is “Everyone Must save Nature and the Environment, Religion is to Each their Own but a Festival is Universal” (Prokriti Proribesher Rokkhar Daitto Shobar, Dhormo Jar Jar Utshob Anando Shobar).

The organizers said this is a small step in reminiscing about childhood memories for many who came and enjoyed the festival to its fullest. The sky of the sea beach was full of colorful kites in the last two days of the celebration.

There were kites of different shapes, ranging from the flag of Bangladesh to lions and snakes. During the evening, paper lanterns were launched into the sky to get rid of evil spirits so all can live peacefully together, irrespective of religion.

A tourist named Parvez Chowdhury said: “We used to fly kites during our childhood in Dhaka, but the environment does not exist anymore due to high rise buildings. I enjoyed a lot after coming to this place and being able to fly kites just like in the old days.”

Another tourist, Tumpa Barua, said: “I enjoyed flying kites in the open sky and that too, on a sea beach.”

Kite Federation General Secretary, Shanjahan Mridha Benu, said: “Like kites, our Liberation War spirit and a war criminal and Razakar free Bangladesh will also fly high.”

He also said: “This festival will also introduce the longest beach to the world.”

Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner Md Kamal Hossain said: “Increased security measures have been taken amid the kite festival, so that tourists can enjoy the celebrations without fear.”

Earlier on Friday, the festival kicked off from the Sugandha point of the beach.

State Minister for Youth and Sports, Zahid Ahsan Russel, inaugurated the program and said: “This festival will take Cox’s Bazar’s to the next level.”

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh, Zhang Zuo, was present during the inauguration, among others. 

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