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  • Thursday, 03 December, 2020

KHANI Demands flood situation ‘National Disaster’ & free food aid for flood victims

Cox Gazette | Online Desk July 31, 2020, 05:29 AM KHANI Demands flood situation ‘National Disaster’ & free food aid for flood victims

The government should provide free food aid to the 5 million flood victims for the next 6 months and flood situations should declare as ‘National Disaster’. Food security network (KHANI), Bangladesh has placed the demand through an official press statement.

Due to mountain slopes and excessive rainfall, 31 districts of Bangladesh have been flooded over and about 5 million people directly affected by the disaster.  Experts predicted that this flood could break the record of the flood that occurred in the year of 1988. Due to this flood situation, the agriculture sector and food security are facing an extreme crisis.

The flood occurred in the moment while already thousands of farmers in Bangladesh are struggling with COVID-19 pandemic. Vegetables and paddy fields of 20 districts have been spoiled due to logged water. Crops of 8 lakh hectors lands been severely affected.  Experts claimed that the combined attack of COVID-19, Cyclone Amphan and Flood will increase the rate of poor and food insecurity in rural Bangladesh. Department of Agriculture in Bangladesh informed that 3.5 lakhs farmers lost their crops worth almost BDT 350 crore during the flood.

It is notable that, people in flooded areas are facing food crisis, the crisis of pure drinking water as well as sanitation. They accused a huge mismanagement of relief activities in their locality.

In these circumstances, KHANI has demanded free food aid with a duration of 6 months for the affected people. KHANI also has demanded cash assistance for farmers, the opportunity to repay all kinds of agriculture loans, NGO loans in their convenient time, government support of free seeds and the seedbed for farmers, proper distribution of relief products according to flood situation and most importantly advance flood preparation to minimize the losses.

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